The Sights

The Sights

Winding narrow streets from footpaths for locals to make their way through the exquisite architecture, each building telling stories from across the centuries, dozens of charming bridges span canals that themselves are the bustling roads of the city.

It goes without saying that Venice is one of the most romantic cities on this earth.

Unfortunately a new fixture of the city, experienced alongside its beautiful monuments is the swarm. The city feels almost at a tipping point, the tides of tourists that throng it’s tiny streets and threaten local culture and industry are as much a danger as rising water levels.

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These days travelers and tourists are at odds with each other, one discovering and the other spectating. One getting to know people, seeking real connection with the story behind a place and the people that make up a culture - the other a consumer, here for the instagram likes, leaving responsibility and manners at home.

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There were areas of Venice that were completely overrun with rude elbowing people who were not connected to the place, who behaved with no respect for their host or fellow guests. It was so distasteful that we only spent a small portion of our time visiting some of the primary sights of the city before retreating to the more local sectors.

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Of course I want to tell you to visit Venice, it’s a beautiful city and unlike any other. But I’d ask, at least of our readers - tread lightly, show respect, this city is to small and too lovely for people to continue to take advantage of it’s hospitality. This is not Disneyland and the people who live here are not actors. Spend some quiet moments, be respectful. This place does not exist solely for your entertainment. And for goodness sakes keep your elbows in and be patient.