Coffee in Le Marais

Coffee in Le Marais

Le Marais is one of my favorite Parisian neighborhoods, with it’s shopping, nightlife, museums, food and perhaps of utmost importance; for it’s offerings of real third-wave coffee.

A gloomy morning threatening rain found us making a detour from our ideal itinerary to have a lens checked at a camera shop in Bastille. After what was a bit of a walk, the verdict was simply “it needs to be sent in for repair”, so our day wasn’t looking up. Determined to cheer ourselves up we went in search of a rumored vintage shop. We twisted down into a dead end street near the beautiful Place des Vosges. The vintage haunt in question has yet to be found but we stumbled upon a coffee shop that made our day exponentially better.

Fragments Cafe-8.jpg

Bicycles out perched out front and light claimed the cozy space from both it’s fully windowed ends, framing the warm aroma of espresso and pastries. A Bruce Lee poster set off the easy atmosphere while a record played from behind the bar.

Fragments Cafe-50.jpg
Fragments Cafe-58.jpg

We hail from a town where coffee culture is everything so no matter how lovely Paris is - after a few days you find yourself craving “real coffee”. A term that encompasses quality and ambience simultaneously. Fragments was that perfect find, with effortless vibes, strong pour and cozy hangs.

We’ve included the address for this secret haven with one caveat - don’t tell and tip well!

Fragments Cafe-27.jpg

Fragments Coffee, 76 Rue des Tournelles, 75003 Paris, France

Fragments Cafe-5.jpg
Fragments Cafe-54.jpg

Undoubtedly one of the coolest coffee shops we’ve found in Paris. I’m not sure how anyone would know it’s here unless you were lucky, wandering aimlessly like ourselves. It’s on a dead end (the prettiest you’ve ever seen), you cannot see the signage from down the street and they have no website. The locals seemed to have it well pegged however because it was full and busy.

Fragments Cafe-15.jpg
Fragments Cafe-44.jpg

Our second coffee find, Le Peloton, was a more deliberate search,

In need of wifi and caffeine we took to google maps to try to see if there was anything in close proximity to our hotel. As you may know, Paris is wonderful for it’s cafes and boulangeries but if you are in search of what Americans deem a classic coffee shop experience you may have a difficult time finding it. After a bit of digging we headed in the direction of Le Peloton and we were very happy we did.

Le Peloton-8.jpg
Le Peloton-12.jpg

On a bustling street, surrounded by boutiques and almost in sight of the Seine, the setting is as ideal as it can get.

Le Peloton Coffee 17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris, France

Le Peloton-16.jpg

Le Peloton is light and bright with a tastefull Tour de France theme throughout. The coffee offerings hold par with any specialty joint you’ve ever visited. The owners also have “Bike About Tours” which is a worthy “Paris by a local” tour offering so be sure to check that out for a more authentic Paris (and Versailles!) tour experience.

Le Peloton-14.jpg

You can visit Le Peloton on facebook here, or better yet visit in person!