Evening in Paris

I’ve always wanted to take time for “La Grande Roue”, rising whimsically from it’s perch on Place de la Concorde, offering unrivaled views with a vantage point at the city’s very heart, above the picturesque TUILERIES and just adjacent to the Louvre.


As sunset met twilight we were aloft, the Notre Dame rising from behind the glowing square and infamous glass pyramids of the Louvre. La Tour Eiffel glimmering across the Seine, while opposite, the Sacre Coeur atop Montmartre adorned itself in the last of the evening’s rays. We soaked in the incredible vista as the glow of the city’s lights appeared one by one. For an easy 8€ we can’t recommend this experience enough!


Whenever one finds oneself close to the Louvre in the evening it’s impossible not to amble through the square in the cooling air and just like a sunset - attempt to little avail to capture a photo that does justice to the moment. The way the light changes as the sky grows dark is mesmerizing no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

We made our way along the Seine and were soon drawn in by the sounds of a crowd. We found a vantage where we could see over onlookers. A dramatic fire-weilding performance executed with entertaining showmanship was unfolding under the forbidding face of Notre Dame. Bursts of light occasionally cast gargoyles into sharp relief, as they peered down on us from their lofty perches.


Crossing to the Ille Saint-Louis we observed those enjoying the river’s banks below, in the glow of street lamps and paused to soak in the dancing reflections thrown back from the water’s surface.


We walked into Le Marais and the streets grew much more lively. Large groups sprawled into the cobbled street, mouthwatering smells and boisterous conversation filled the air as the city woke in earnest from it’s summer afternoon stupor.

La Bonne Franquette by LO-58.jpg

We dropped by our home away from home, Hotel Bretonnerie to change into evening dress. Resisting for a few more hours the almost overwhelmingly inviting allure of bed and bath after a long day, we headed back out into the night.

Hotel De La Bretonnerie_-2.jpg

bonne nuit mes amis!