Peniche MarCounet

On the bank of the Seine across from the ile St. Louis rests a houseboat built in the 1920’s renovated into a restaurant. We sit enjoying champagne, watching boats go by while ripples on the river throw playful glimmering reflections against every surface. 

Dulcet melody and chello entwine playfully, everything swaying just a little as waves rock us gently to the tune of the live acoustic performance. Green foliage curtains us a bit from the lively dinner goers on the bank just adjacent, where stacked crates under umbrellas form the seating. Laughter and conversation are plentiful as the open air bar serves a que.

A simple fresh and well flavored menu is in perfect pairing with the setting. Starting with tapas, the duo olives & cacahuetes and some veggies and dip we soon moved on salads, sampling the La Rizerère: rice, young shoots, shrimps & crayfish with citrus, and the L'Abruzze: lamb's lettuce, ravioli, tomatoes, basil & parmesan.

As the sun dipped just low enough to set the river afire we enjoyed a hearty main course of marinated chicken brochette with the beef skewer alongside roasted potatoes, and ratatouille.

Photocredit: Lane Oliveri

Photocredit: Lane Oliveri

Photocredit: Ruth Michelle

Photocredit: Ruth Michelle

Peniche MarCounet is memorable for it’s dreamy and cool ambiance, with a busy live music calendar and a bar serving riverside guests in addition to the idyllic seating on the houseboat. We found it the perfect place to re-energize before heading out for the evening.



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Port des Célestins, Quai de l'Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris, France


Food photo credits: Lane Oliveri

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