Mooncake Foods

On An awkward through street, jutting between towering buildings and behind an entirely unassuming facad, you'll find Mooncake Foods.

Perhaps the most surprising of NYC's secret foodie grails, this hole in the wall eatery is authentic NYC. Nothing indicates the explosion of perfect flavor that will hit you upon the first bite and forever imprint this little corner of SOHO on your gustatory rolodex.

In a city known for overpriced everything, the menu at Mooncake Foods is shockingly almost all under $10. Each dish boasts a fresh healthy take on asian cuisine with punchy flavors and zesty sauces that are delightful and unforgettable. 

Photo Credit: Lane Oliveri

Photo Credit: Lane Oliveri

This unassuming location may be one of the most satisfying foodie experiences you'll ever have, so make your way down there and give your cravings something to remember.

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or better yet check out this secret SOHO find yourself! 

28 Watts St, New York, NY 10013


Photo credits: Lane Oliveri

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