Adio Venice

Lightning splintered the heavy darkening sky over the Grand Canal as gondoliers docked for the night, the enchanting vista of evening coming to life along the waterway made all the more magical by the charged air of a summer storm.

A startling crack of thunder boomed followed by more lighting and scattered drips began to fall. The usually crowded Rialto Bridge was all but deserted as locals and tourists made their way to cover. We lingered, reluctant to leave the drama unfolding before us as the elements painted the city in new color.

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Venice LO-905.jpg

A wind whipped up and the air cooled as it grew dark. Finally When droplets began to fall closer together we relinquished our vantage on the bridge in favor of dinner and drinks.

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As beautiful

as Venice is,

the true charm

of this city

is undoubtedly

it’s people.

Venice LO-924.jpg

Our stay in Venice was made memorable by the endearing company of good friends who kept us laughing, showed us the city from a local perspective and in every way made us feel truly at home. Our last evening in the city was no exception. Conversation and laughter took the place of sleep that night and it was just before dawn when a friend personally ferried us through dark and eerily quiet canals, then out into the lagoon to the airport to catch an early flight.

Venice LO-540.jpg

Venice you will always have a special place in our hearts.